Spore Receiver - from satellite dish to culture dish

Learning to use the spore receiver happens through an experimental process of interfacing divinatory skills, scientific study and speculative fictions in a collective context. We observe its workings through an analytical practice, seeking to understand the messages of the spores and how to read them both by studying the different beings and lifecycles present and understanding them as divinatory devices and aesthetic events, letting the sense emerge from the forms and relations and their unfolding over time.

In a speculative future, we can imagine learning to use this system as a communications network, intervening in an interspecies interface patched into the mycelium underground, perhaps boosted by the use of psilocybin tryptamines, and enabling other kinds of communications, sensitivities and feelings that we probably do not yet know or understand.

We tend to think about communication being just the sending of concrete data but we tend to forget that this data is completely contextual and depends on a particular state of consciousness. Pursuing interspecies spore-based systems with a collective artistic and divinatory focus may lead us to other or unexpected data, inviting us to rethink the meaning and sense of communication and it's technologies.