Fungal clock was executed near Cayambe, Ecuador, Nov./Dec. 2019 using PDA protocol.

Three receivers were made on the 25th of November 2019- one for inside the house and one for outside. Another was kept in reserve in the fridge.

The outside one dried up - as did the reserve one when i tried it in a different place outside.

The inside one was placed on a bookshelf on the 26th of November

and by the 1st of December it was looking like this

and by the 3rd of December it had started to get really interesting, delicate colours and membranes, multiple races and types, landscapes of wonder.

by the 7th of December it was drying up and the diversity being overrun by grey-blue mold making spores

soon after I threw it out ..

Process of 12 solar days : 26th of November to 7th of December